Within the last several years, advancements in club fitting technology have drastically spread across the world. Golfers that have taken advantage of this new technology, including concepts like frequency matching shafts, launch angle and spin rates on a launch monitor have experienced improvement to their games. But most players continue not take advantage of this new technology and continue to get inconsistent results. There is a way to get consistent results and improve your game for every club in your bag.

The chart below shows the difference in club fitting techniques available to most golfers:

Good Better High Tech
Static Tests
Club Length Yes Yes Yes
Lie Angle Yes Yes Yes
Grip Size Yes Yes Yes
Shaft Flex Maybe Yes Yes
Shaft Weight Maybe Yes Yes
Swing Weight Maybe Yes Yes
Dynamic Tests
Shaft Loading or Bending No No Yes
Club Head Speed No Yes Yes
Ball Speed No Yes Yes
Carry Distance No Yes Yes
Launch Angle No Yes Yes
Spin Rates No Yes Yes
Shot Dispersion No No Yes
Descent Angle No No Yes
Test New vs. Your Clubs No No Yes
Multiple shaft/same head No No Yes
Same shaft/multiple heads No No Yes
Shaft Tip Profile(Trajectory) No No Yes
Specific Shaft Weights No No Yes
Set Make-up (Hybrids, etc.) Maybe Yes Yes
Custom Built Clubs No Maybe Yes
Ball for best performance No Maybe Yes

The club fitting process we provide consists of a shaft frequency analyzer and a launch monitor. This technology helps the golfer see the actual shaft flex of the club they demo, along with the distance and launch angle. The golfer typically hits a wide selection of demo clubs to determine what suits their swing profile with recommendations from what is available in our store.

This new technology shows the golfer all the statistics needed to improve distance and accuracy compared to the statistics of their existing equipment. A shaft load test helps determine shaft weight, swing weight, butt stiffness (flex), and tip profile (trajectory and accuracy). The launch monitor shows the dispersion of shots (right, left, short, long) and distance (launch angle, spin, decent angle). The “quick connect” system, allows the golfer to try a variety of combinations of heads and shafts to determine optimum results. Finally, the clubs are built to match the exact specifications determined by the fitting session.