It’s almost that time of year again… where Dads can look forward to a new tie or some barbecue tools. I can’t knock either option as my ties are old enough to drive, and I really could use a new grill brush, but I’m not really going to get too excited about opening either. There are lots of options at Golf Etc. that I would get excited about. Here are a few that I think your Dad would love!

Putting Analysis – $100

Using our SAM Putt Lab we’ll give your guy a complete analysis of his putting. We’ll provide some feedback on his putting stroke with pointers, identify whether his putter is the right one for him and provide some ideas of better options if it’s not. We’ll also adjust the loft, lie, length and grip of the putter as part of this analysis.

Here’s is a sample of a SAM Putt Lab report:

Sample SAM Fitting Report

 TaylorMade Gift Pack – $44.99

TaylorMade Gift Pack

The TaylorMade gift pack is a great and easy gift for dad.

TaylorMade has put together a great and easy gift. It includes a hat, sleeve of their top of the line Lethal golf balls and a divot tour. Sure to make Dad happy!

The Golf Swing Shirt – $80

The Golf Swing Shirt

The Golf Swing Shirt is one of our favorite training aids. It’s incredibly versatile as it works with full swings, chipping and putting

One of our staff’s favorite training aids. It works with any type of swing and encourages a connected, repeatable swing. It might look a little funny on the range, but Dad will be the one laughing when he’s beating his buddies by a couple of shots!

Gotcha Ball Retriever

Gotcha Ball Retrievers

An easy to use ball retriever that is compact when folded but extends to get the balls just out of reach

Does dad lose the occasional ball? We highly recommend giving the gators and snapping turtles around here a little extra space and not try to get too close. The Gotcha retriever is the best retriever any of the staff have used and it’s compact size makes it easy to fit in the bag or cart, but it’s huge reach gets those balls that are always just out of reach.

Golf Balls – $14.99-$49.99

Golf Balls

With lots of great options we can help find the best ball for Dad!

Speaking of losing golf balls…you can never have enough on hand and fathers day is a great time to try some new options. Our trained staff is ready to help figure out what’s the best ball to play.

Laser Range Finders and GPS Units – $149.99-$399.99


Bushnell Lasers and GPS Units

A new laser or GPS unit from Bushnell or SkyCaddy will help Dad know his yards and improve his score.


Laser range finders and GPS units are a great help on the course. Knowing the proper yardage helps with club selection and scoring. The latest technology is easier to use and more accurate than what was previously available.

Golf Bag – $129.99-$299.99

Golf Bags

A new golf bag looks great and will work even better.

A new golf bag will help Dad look great on the course and keep everything organized. Bags are constantly getting lighter and have the pockets and options for how people use them today.

Golf Hats

Golf Hats

Hats are a great, inexpensive option that will make dad happy.

We have a wide assortment of great golf hats that are an inexpensive gift that dad will love.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are always a great option. They allow dad to come in and work with us to find the ideal club or clothes to fit him perfectly!