Golf Club Fitting Hilton Head

Custom Club Fitting

Improve your performance with clubs matched to your game

By properly custom fitting and assembling a set of consistent clubs that matches the golfer’s unique swing profile, every club in the bag will now perform better. They will improve consistency, accuracy and distance, which will result in heightened confidence and lower scores.

Each golfer is unique, mass market clubs are not

We believe each golfer has a unique swing that is established at a young age. The way a person learns to throw a baseball or swing a tennis racket has a great affect on the way a person learns how to swing a golf club. A person’s body weight, height and natural athletic ability all contribute significantly to a person’s innate swing.

When a golfer purchases golf equipment from a major manufacturer, they buy clubs that are produced for the mass market. These clubs give the player an inconsistent game because they are not matched to their swing profile, but to average tendencies made by golfers as a whole. The main reason why golfers have favorite clubs – only one or two clubs within a standard set may match their unique swing profile.

Finding the ideal fit requires the proper tools, training and dedication

At Golf Etc. we have invested significantly in the technology and training needed to properly fit your full swing clubs as well as your putter! Our analytical system determines the proper equipment type, length of club(s), weight, balance or swing weight, and type of shaft to match the unique specifications of the swing.

Better Golf…Faster™ System

Fitting Objectives

  • Reduce shot dispersion by 50%
  • Increase distance 5-10%
  • Improve confidence
  • Increase game enjoyment

An in depth, 7 step process is used to find the ideal fit and deliver clubs to desired specifications:

  1. Player Interview
  2. Equipment Profile
  3. Swing and Shot Test 
  4. Shaft Profile Review and Identity 
  5. Dynamic Fitting/Testing 
  6. Fitting Recommendations
  7. In House, Frequency Matched Build

Our fittings are much more than simply taking a few shots from a limited selection of shafts on a fitting cart and being asked, “How do they feel?” We have invested in a very large selection of demo shafts, clubs and extensive training for our fitting specialists to fit YOUR game.

Quickly improve your score by having your putter fit

The putter is arguably the most important club in your bag, accounting for about 40% of your strokes per round.. So why is it that people spend the least amount of time finding and fitting the right putter for them? Using our SAM PuttLab we will help you determine if your existing putter is the right one for you, find a new one if it is not and then fit it to you.

SAM PuttLab – Putter Fittings

The SAM PuttLab is a unique training system that analyses the putting stroke based on precise ultrasound measurement. It examines the 28 most important parts of the stroke and gives feedback within seconds to improve your game. Determine your strengths and weaknesses for better and more resourceful training. With ultrasound sensory analysis, this system is far more accurate than any others of its kind on the market.

Putter Selection

During the process, we evaluate up to eight putters to determine which is best for you game. The putter is arguably the most important club in your bag, accounting for about 40% of your strokes per round. We do a factual comparison of each putter based on rotation, path and timing to determine which works best for you.


How square is your putter on impact? Do you over rotate? Is the lie of your putter properly adjusted? Would adding weight to your putter help make a more consistent stroke? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you can benefit from a fitting session. We measure all aspects of your stroke to determine the best putter for you. We give you specific recommendations for the best grip, length, lie, head, balance and weight of the putter.

Each session takes around one hour and includes needed modifications to the putter and a new grip (up to a $15 value). A small additional fee is added if you choose to add weight to your putter.


Costs and Options

Our fittings are much more in depth than a typical fitting we do charge for them. The price for each of our fittings is as follows:

  • Driver & Fairway Woods – $100
  • Irons & Hybrids – $100
  • Putter – $100
  • Complete set, get all 3 fitting sessions!- $250

The best part about our fittings is that they are a lifetime fitting. Meaning that anytime in the future you can come back in to look at new clubs and not have to pay for another fitting fee.

We do recognise that fully custom clubs may be a bit expensive for some people, so we’re happy to offer fitting cart fittings for most major manufacturers including Callaway, Mizuno and Ping. These fittings take approximately 30 minutes and cost $25 per session. During these sessions we’ll help select the best club and shaft from that manufacturer’s offerings, determining the proper length and lie angle. While not as detailed as our full fittings,  this approach is a great option for someone who was considering purchasing off the rack clubs.