Experience the Difference Data Can Make in Your Game.

What makes a SwingFit fitting different? Indoor/outdoor clubfittings at both locations, Certified and Top 100 Clubfitters, and unparalleled golf knowledge. Can the other guys match that? We doubt it. See for yourself how a clubfitting at SwingFit can improve your game.

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Custom Clubs That Drive Your Game - GUARANTEED!

SwingFit is the premier custom club fitter and builder in the South Carolina Lowcountry; even included in GolfDigest’s exclusive list of 100 Best Clubfitters four years running. Using our proven, vendor agnostic, fitting approach we help golfers of all abilities play better, and more enjoyable, golf.

All clubs that SwingFit fits and builds are guaranteed to work as well on the course as they did on the range.

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Gears Fitting Technology

gears for golf at swingfit

Gears is the bleeding edge of Golf Technology, a 3D Optical Motion Tracking system that shows how the club and swing interact throughout the entire swing. SwingFit is the only vendor agnostic, custom club fitter in the South East to utilize a Gears System!

Start Indoors on Gears System – Final selection of shaft and head are made outdoors.
After initial interview and baseline with your clubs, we test several shafts with varying weights, flexes and stiffness profiles on Gears. We observe how these shafts respond and interact with your unique swing and identify the characteristics of your ideal shaft. The fitting is then moved outdoors where we test club heads and the 2-4 shafts that most closely match your ideal profile for final selection.
Fitting recommendations that not only get the most out of your swing, but help you improve it.
– Several swing capture videos
– Swing analysis and key pointers for improvement
$200 for Driver/Fairway or Iron/Hybrid

Club Fitting with FlightScope® Technology

Utilizing our FlightScope launch monitors, extensive fitting carts and proven process we find the best combination of club head, shaft and build specifications for YOU.


Outdoors on the range.
Starting with initial interview where we establish your objectives, we then baseline the performance of your existing clubs. Testing then starts with varying shaft flexes, weights and profiles to determine what helps you deliver the club head back to the ball with as much speed and consistency as possible. Once the shaft is selected multiple club heads are tested to optimize your ball flight, feel and visual preferences.
Fitting recommendations that help you hit the most consistent shots with the best possible ball flight.
$125 for Driver/Fairway or Iron/Hybrid
The club fitting experience with your company was great. I felt like you really know what you’re doing, you’re very patient and kind, and I get a sense of genuine sincerity from you on the work that you’re doing with people – that is truly appreciated.
~ Ram

Rewrite Your Scorecard with a Custom Golf Club Fitting from SwingFit

The right clubs help you play better while the wrong ones contribute to higher scores and frustration. A SwingFit custom fitting will determine the right combination of club head, shaft and build specifications that will drive your game forward.

We guarantee that every club we fit and build will perform as well on the course as it did in the fitting.


A close approach or save out of the sand can mean multiple strokes. Wedge fittings assess multiple bounce, grind and shaft options to allow you to hit the shots you would like to around the greens.

Fitting matrix includes Vokey, Cleveland, PXG, Edel and other wedges plus 30+ different wedge shafts.


Edel Putter Fitting

Very rarely receiving the fitting attention they deserve, our Edel putter fittings will find the putter will help you put the ball in the hole with less strokes.

Utilizing Edel’s Torque Balanced putter fitting system, fittings start with testing various heads, hosels and alignment lines so you are able to aim the most consistently towards the hole.

To optimize your distance control, multiple configurations of head and backweights are tested.



We fit all the clubs in your bag with options from all the major club and shaft companies that are proven week in and week out on tour and local courses. SwingFit invested in the Gears optical motion tracking system to further improve our fittings and give you an additional option for full swing fittings.


Club Costs – SwingFit utilizes better performing and more consistent aftermarket shafts in our fitting carts, many are the same ones played on professional tours. To that end our finished clubs will end up costing more than standard stock clubs. You will pay the standard club prices available plus a cost for the custom shaft that includes our installation. Wood shafts typically range from $150-$500, while iron shafts range from $65-$80 per club. We believe it’s better to pay a little more upfront for clubs guaranteed to work than spend more money buying multiple clubs that don’t really help.

Prepare for your Fitting –
Please arrive a few minutes early for your fitting to make sure you have some time to relax and stretch a bit. If possible, bring your existing clubs that you wish to get fit for as well as shoes, clothes and a glove. We’ll be hitting quite a few balls, so we don’t recommend playing or working out before you come.

Equipment Assessment and Interview – We’ll get specs from these as well as learn the challenges you may be having with them and what you want out of the new clubs.

Baseline – After a warmup, you’ll hit several shots with your existing clubs to establish a performance baseline that accounts for the balls we use and that day’s weather wind and air pressure. We’ll compare the different fitting options against this baseline to make sure we’re providing you with better performance.

Fitting – Following our proprietary fitting process, we’ll test multiple head and shaft combinations from our extensive fitting matrix to find the best balance of distance, consistency and control.  In a departure from most fitters, our first priority is NOT to optimize the ball flight and distance on your occasional best shots. Rather, we focus on increasing the number of good and great shots that you do have.  This focus translates to a better scorecard rather than simply an improved range session.

Selection – We have an open discussion with you about our findings, recommendations, performance expectations and costs.

Club Building – Our master club builders assemble almost every club we fit. This allows us to ensure that every part of your clubs meets our standards before we begin.  The clubs are built to the exact specifications from the fitting with incredibly tight tolerances that provide consistent results club to club.

Club Delivery – We stock a great number of heads and shafts in our shop to expedite turnaround. Given the thousands of combinations we unfortunately can’t stock everything. If we do have to order components, we can almost always get them in our hands within 1-2 weeks. If you’re a local we’ll notify you when everything is done, but if you’re traveling, we’ll package everything up with care and ship it to your home once it’s completed.