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SwingFit is proud to announce that we are the only fitter in the Lowcountry to be included on Golf Digest’s exclusive list of 100 Best Clubfitters in America for 2015/16 & 2017/18!


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Getting fit for clubs is easy, getting fit properly is not. That’s why our sole focus is on fitting and building clubs that help golfers of all skill levels maximize the potential of their swing. Our data driven fittings are performed by experienced fitters and leverage our extensive fitting matrix of club heads and shafts from all the major manufacturers. We have over 15,000 potential combinations from all the major manufacturers so you get to test and feel the exact setup you will put into play.

New clubs are an investment; our fitting specialists ensure you don’t waste money on the wrong ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge for fittings?
Swingfit is a local small business that has invested tens of thousands of dollars into the equipment and demos needed to find the best possible fit for you and all of our fitters are highly trained professionals. The fitting fee helps our company cover some of these incremental expenses that a typical establishment or club pro doesn’t have access to. We feel confident that it’s worth it.
Can the fitting fee be applied to the purchase of clubs?
Although the fee cannot be applied to the purchase of the clubs, our fittings include a 45 day playability guarantee, and it is a lifetime fitting. If you are looking for a new driver, irons etc. a few years down the road, then there is no charge for the fitting. Once you work with us we are always there for you. We want you to always have the right clubs for your game.
Is there a difference in aftermarket shafts and stock options?
Absolutely. What we have found through testing and experience is that aftermarket shafts are more consistent. You do not have to work as hard to create the same ball flights and the consistency can help with your dispersion pattern and increase your distance.
I’ve been fit before, why do I need to be fit again?
You change, your swing changes and technology changes. Just because your driver might have been a 9.5 stiff for the last several years, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best configuration for you now.  Also, our fitting process is different than what you’ve likely been through before. We do not just look at club head speed, spin rates and launch angles. We look at how the shaft is loading and unloading, your transition (aggressive or smooth), the profile of each shaft and how that correlates to your swing. We look at angle of attack, your path and how you release the golf club. The weight of the shaft has an impact as well. We use more data points to get you the right shaft and head combination that helps you hit your goals.
Do you build the clubs?
Yes. Everything is built here in our store to very tight specifications. We measure each grip, club head, and shaft to make sure your swing weight is spot on. We flow every shaft to ensure even more consistency. We are truly a Custom Club shop where each set is built as if we were building our own clubs.
Why don’t I just order the stock option shaft and let the company build it?
What we have found (unfortunately) is that there is a large amount of variance in stock and even custom clubs that come from the manufacturers.  We take incredible pride in our builds and our incredibly tight tolerances allow us to guarantee that every club we build plays as well on the course as it did in the fitting. We do understand that not everyone chooses to make the investment in true custom clubs and that’s fine. If you want to just order a stock or manufacturer’s shaft, we are more than happy to do this for you. Given the loose tolerances we have seen on these, we just won’t be able to guarantee the performance.
Are you brand specific?
No. The only brand(s) we are loyal to are our customers. None of the employees have staff deals with any of the companies and we do this for a specific reason. We do not care what brand you play as long as that club is the best fit for your game.
What is the best club on the market?
The one that works for you, period. There is no single club that is better than others for everyone. Everyone’s swing and needs are very different and their clubs should be as well. Just because your golfing buddy or pro picked up a huge amount of yards with a new driver, doesn’t mean that driver will work for you.
Does my club head speed determine what shaft I play?
No…and yes. This is a little bit of an outdated thought process. Your club head speed is just one variable in a complicated equation. Club head speed, release, transition, angle of attack, spin rate, all of these variables have an impact on what shaft you need. That is where we are able to read through the data and get the right shaft in your hand quickly and efficiently.
How long does the fitting take?
Approximately an hour to an hour and a half.
Should I play golf or warm up before hand?
Please no. You will be hitting a lot of golf balls and we have found that people actually fatigue faster than they think. Once you get too tired the fitting process becomes difficult as your swing and club head speed starts to change a little bit.  Trust us, you will get to hit plenty of golf balls.