Consistency is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects in the game of golf. Consistent contact will yield better results and better scores in all aspects of the game. So how does a golfer make sure their clubs will give them the most consistent results out on the golf course?

Club Length and Progression

The first aspect of consistency is the length of golf club. Starting with the driver, each club should get progressively shorter down to the wedge. Every manufacturer from Callaway to Titleist has a different set of length standards. If clubs are too long, a golfer will most likely hit fat shots off the heel and pull the ball. If clubs are too short, a golfer will most likely hit thin shots off the toe of the club, while pushing the ball. Most women and juniors need clubs that are about a half an inch shorter than regular men’s clubs.

Weight and Progression

The next aspect of consistency is the weight. This includes the weight of the club, weight distribution, and the progression of shaft weights through the set. As clubs get shorter, the shafts should be heavier. The lightest club in a golfer’s bag is their driver and the heaviest is their sand or lob wedge. If a shaft is too light, there is no feeling of the club head at the bottom of the swing, potentially causing an “over-the-top” move at the top of the swing. If a shaft is too heavy, much effort is put into keeping the club head square at contact, causing slices and and pulls.

Shaft Flex

The most important aspect of consistency is the flex of the shaft. While the golf club is nearing the bottom of the swing, it bends and “whips” through the ball to create a certain ball flight. If a golfer’s shaft is too soft (flexible), a wide variety of shots can happen. The ball can go left or right, high or low. The club face is not coming in square through the shot consistently. If the shafts are too stiff, shots may be more consistent but the ball flight will typically be low with a slight fade.

If you want more consistent results in your game, start by looking at the equipment in your bag. Every single swing is unique and every club in your bag should match your swing profile.