callaway epic flash

Callaway Epic Flash Drivers have been selected as the “best” in every swing speed category by GolfWRX. This is an impressive award because 13 different manufacturers were involved and the feedback of thousands of golf players is also taken into account. Winning an award in some categories is expected, but being chosen as the “best” at all categories shows the strength of this product from Callaway . Epic Flash is currently the best-selling driver model in the United States and the most widely used driver model in Tours around the world.

Based on the swing speeds, these are the awards of the Epic Flash Driver series:

• Best driver for swing speeds 95 MPH – 105 MPH: Epic Flash
• Best driver for swing speeds 106 + MPH: Epic Flash Sub Zero
• Best driver for swing speeds 94 MPH and below: Epic Flash

For swing speeds of 94 MPH and below, Epic Flash wins this award for the third time. Its leadership in other categories took place this year for the first time. According to the GolfWRX panel, the Epic Flash Driver models, which are designed with artificial intelligence, provide incredible ball speed, sound, and forgiveness.

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