During the final round of the 2011 Deutsche Bank, Dustin Johnson had achieved the longest drive recorded on the PGA Tour with a distance of 465 yards, but it’s time to hand over this title he had been retaining for the last 8 years. The new owner of this record is 26 years old Justin Thomas from Louisville. Thomas managed to get a 457-yard drive on the recently ended PGA Tour and broke the previous record. To give you an idea, this distance is equal to 34 buses parked side by side. Or, if you are a golf veteran, it is longer than 13 of the holes on the Old Course, St. Andrews. In other words, it’s really long.

If you’re wondering, Bubba Watson is the second player to achieve the longest drive during this year’s PGA Tour. And the difference is very small: Bubba managed to make a 455-yard drive. However, he may have received some help from the “rules of nature” as he did this shot at 2,250 meters above sea level. In any case, Thomas is one of the players who have made the longest drives: He has won this title for the second time in the last four years.