We’ve got a new Toy – Foresight GC2 HMT Unit!

We’ve got a new Toy – Foresight GC2 HMT Unit!

We’ve added a new toy to our arsenal of tools to help you get the best club or fitting possible on Hilton Head Island! We’ve always had the Foresight GC2 launch monitor used by the field reps of Ping, TaylorMade, Nike, Titleist, Callaway, Adams and Cobra. Now we’ve added on their newly release Head Measurement Technology unit that is the only tool that actually sees the club face at impact. (more…)

Hilton Head Island’s Best Golf Store…again!

Golf Etc. has won the reader's choice award for Best Golf store 2013

Thank you for voting us as Hilton Head Island’s Best Golf Store for the second consecutive year!

We take great pride in our customer service and commitment to providing you the best equipment, apparel, club fitting and club repair services possible, all at great prices. We’ve had an amazing second year and look forward to growing with you for years to come.

Mizuno’s Unique Forging Process

Mizuno GolfCheck out this great video that gives you a behind the scenes look at Mizuno’s forging process from their Chuo forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan. No wonder their irons feel and perform so well! (more…)

New Inventory

We’re constantly bringing in new items that we know you’ll love. Check back here often as we will do our best to keep this page updated with all the newest additions!


Father’s Day Gifts – Give him something he REALLY wants

It’s almost that time of year again… where Dads can look forward to a new tie or some barbecue tools. I can’t knock either option as my ties are old enough to drive, and I really could use a new grill brush, but I’m not really going to get too excited about opening either. There are lots of options at Golf Etc. that I would get excited about. Here are a few that I think your Dad would love!

New Hours!

New Hours!

Are you wishing you could have even more Golf Etc.? Well, now you can! We’ve extended our hours to make sure you’re here when you want us.


Sunday – 10:00-5:00

Monday – 8:30-6:30

Tuesday – 8:30-6:30

Wednesday – 8:30-6:30

Thursday  – 8:30-6:30

Friday  – 8:30-6:30

Saturday – 9:30-7:00

We’re having special hours on Sunday, April 21st. We’ll be open from 10:00-2:00 to celebrate the final round of the RBC Heritage tournament. Come in to check out the last day our great Anniversary Sale!

We’ll be back to our normal hours on Monday, 4/22 at 8:30. Thanks for your business and enjoy the final round!

Ping G25 Launches Feb 14th!

Ping is launching their newest game improvement line, the G25 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons on Thursday the 14th!


From the adjustable driver all the way down to the irons with progressive sole widths that help optimize CG placement for accurate distance gapping, these are clubs designed to improve performance and look good going it!


Adjustable Drivers – we make them work!

Did you purchase one of the latest drivers with all sorts of adjustment options in hopes it would save your game only to be disappointed in its performance? The available adjustment options on clubs such as the TaylorMade R11 and RBZ, Callaway RAZR Fit or Titleist 910D allow a golfer to adjust the club so that it changes the ball flight. Finding the ideal settings can be a challenge and if not done right, the club will actually perform much worse than if left alone at the factory neutral settings. (more…)

Graphite Iron Shafts???

Graphite Iron Shafts???

Many people assume that graphite iron shafts are only for older people that need something light weight. Recent technology has started to change that. Golf WRX just named the UST Recoil iron shaft the best product at this year’s PGA Show.

If this sounds appealing please stop in and try one for yourself.

Check the link here for more information: http://www.golfwrx.com/66601/tech-talk-ust-recoil-graphite-iron-shafts/


Recoil Iron Shafts

Quality graphite shafts can compete and possibly outperform steel iron shafts

Golf Etc. Hilton Head is Hilton Head Island’s only UST Mamiya TourSPX Certified dealer – experience the best!


Too many times when I speak to amateur golfers about what kind of clubs they have in their bag, I find out that they do not have any hybrids.  Why not?!  Hybrids/”rescue clubs” are the biggest technological advancement that has been made in golf club technology in the past 15 years.

Let us first define the purpose of a hybrid.  A hybrid is designed to replace a long (or even mid) iron that you have trouble hitting consistently.  The key word is “consistently”.  If I can hit a 3 iron 200 yards when I get it good, but I only hit it good 3 out of 10 tries, then I don’t need a 3 iron.  I need a hybrid. (more…)

Nike Covert Driver – The pictures you haven’t seen!

We finally got our hands on Nike’s new line of clubs for next year…WOW! After 2 initial sessions with them I think they’ve got a hit on their hands. Great feel, even better sound and the ball just goes, even on mishits.  Personally, I managed to pull a small muscle in my back the 2 days ago chasing my 2 year old, so couldn’t come close to finishing my swing and my drives were still getting out to 275 with lots of forgiveness and limited drop off on the many miss-hits! As much as we loved the drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, I think the new irons are going to be the sleeper hit. Maximum forgiveness with a respectably thin top line and limited offset combined with unreal distance are major pluses. The part that might just put them over the top is the feel; they feel much softer and solid than a typical cast cavity back. (more…)

5 Keys to Finding a New Driver

Callaway's 2013 RAZR X Hot Driver

Callaway’s 2013 RAZR X Hot Driver

The top 5 things to think about when buying a new driver

  1. Price range – Have an idea of how much money you intend to spend before you enter a golf store, but be open to suggestions. If you find somewhere that will take the time to find what is best for you and not just simply sell you the most expensive club, listen. That extra $50 or $100 might be money well worth it.
  2. Do you like it? – You must be comfortable with the way a club sits at address, the way it feels and the sound it makes. Try to hit everything before buying. We know you may have hit your friends a couple of times, but it’s definitely best to try a couple out head to head.
  3. Length vs. Control – A golfer that hits the ball straight and is looking to get a little more distance may want to buy a driver that is a longer or is designed to maximize distance. Do keep in mind that distance isn’t the only thing to focus on. Most of us would rather be a couple yards back and in the fairway rather than hitting a bomb you can’t find. Someone who hits the ball far and is looking for more control may want to look into a shorter driver for a more accurate tee ball
  4. (more…)

Battle of the Belly – Options to overcome the ban on anchored putting

TAG Heuer Sunglasses – Hilton Head Island’s Only Authorized Retailer

Come in today to experience the difference! We have a wide assortment of  glasses for golf, water and casual!

Tag Heuer sunglasses are the pinnacle of performance glasses. Their incredibly light weight, comfort, lens quality and style set them apart from all other glasses. They offer a powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, and ergonomic engineering. They consistently deliver sunglasses that remain unrivaled in performance and patented innovation. Tag Heuer Sunglasses are the essence of innovation with modern, edgy optical sun styles for every situation or occasion. Featuring lightweight design, total blend of prestige, design and performance, Tag Heuer Sunglasses provide the ultimate in comfort and perfect sun protection. Trendy, sporty, value, technologically advanced, assertive, glamorous, even classic are all about Tag Heuer Sunglasses. (more…)

Boys and Girls Club Golf Club Campaign

Golf Etc. is getting into the holiday spirit and needs your help! We’re working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Low Country to help support their junior golf programs.  If you have any old clubs that you don’t need anymore, please consider donating them. We’re going to cut them down to the proper length, do any clean up/repair needed and put on new grips once we’re done. (more…)

Holiday Golf Sale!

The whole store is on sale! Come in to check it out

1st item – regular price
2nd- 10% off
3rd- 20% off
Foreth – 30% off
5th and beyond – 40% off
Excludes Ping. Items must be of equal or lesser value.

Michael from Rocky Point, New York

“I came down to Hilton Head SC, for the Golf Week amateur tour. I played in the championship flight and my first round of golf was horrendous and horrible. Something just didn’t feel right. When you hit your shot the way you think you’re supposed to hit it and the ball doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, it might be your clubs. I came to this store and had some lovely guys, Dave and Alex, check my material. Every shaft that I thought was a certain flex was not.

Get your stuff checked out because it may be wrong. These guys can do the job for you. They did a great job; I got new shafts put in my hybrids the same day. I went out the next day and played golf. Every shot that I hit with those clubs held its line, held its flight and I improved by 5 shots. It was a great job by the staff here and I recommend it to anybody that comes to Hilton Head, South Carolina!”

Jim Davis

“Hi – I’m Jim Davis. I was a 10 handicap and I came over here and had my irons reshafted and now I’m a 7. My iron dispersion got much tighter. I was having problems hitting greens and now it goes right at the pin. They did a great job with those and now I just had my driver fitted and can’t wait to get out there and see how that works!  “

Golf Etc. is Hilton Head Island’s Best Golf Store 2012!!!

Golf Etc. is Hilton Head Island’s Best Golf Store 2012!!!

Thank you all for supporting us and voting us as Hilton Head Island’s best golf store in Hilton Head Monthly’s annual Best of Competition!

We take great pride in our customer service, whether you’re in just looking around, buying a club off the rack or going through one of our detailed fittings. We’re here to help you play better and more enjoyable golf faster no matter what.

Come in to see our great selection of golf clubs, apparel, shoes and accessories. We’ve always had the lowest prices, but now we guarantee it*!

2012 Hilton Head Monthly Readers Choice Award - Best Golf Store

2012 Hilton Head Monthly Readers Choice Award – Best Golf Store


*See store for details.

Finding a Putter to Fit Your Stroke

Finding a Putter to Fit Your Stroke

The putter is one of, if not the most, important clubs in your bag. An average golfer uses it for over 40% of the shots in a round! When looking for a new putter, many people understand the value of finding the proper length and lie angle (if you don’t please stay tuned for a future post where we will get into that) but very few people know how the balance point of the putter head impacts your success.

The balance point of a putter head is dependent on how weight is distributed across the face. If weight is dispersed evenly, it is called face balanced. If the weight is more distributed out by the toe, it is called 90 degree toe hang. There are also various levels in between these two extremes.  See the pictures below for examples.


Face Balanced Putter

Face Balanced Putter


30 Degree Toe Hang

30 Degree Toe Hang


60 Degree Toe Hang

60 Degree Toe Hang

90 Degree Toe Hang

90 Degree Toe Hang


By now, you’re probably asking “So what does this mean?” The different balance points are suited for different putting strokes. A straight back and through stroke benefits from a face balanced putter as it will fight rotations and help you square the face at impact. If you have an extreme arc in your putting stroke you should look for a putter that has a 60 or 90 degree toe hang as the toe weight will help control the needed rotation and prevent you from pulling or pushing your putts. Somewhere in between? Go with a 30 or 45 degree toe down.

How do you determine the balance of a putter? Well, it’s incredibly easy. You can simply set it on a ledge like I did for the previous pictures, just make sure the grip isn’t interfering with the rotation. Or you hold it across your fingers like the picture below. And remember, you can always ask a sales person at your favorite golf store that really cares about your game to help you out!


How to Determine Balance a Putter

How to Determine Balance a Putter

As a general rule, mallet putters like an Odyssey 2 Ball or a center shafted blade putter are usually face balanced and a traditional heel shafted Ping Anser is toe weighted. You will find variations to these rules so we definitely recommend taking a couple of seconds to know for sure.

Equipment Spotlight: Scratch Golf Clubs

Scratch Golf Clubs

Scratch was founded in 2003 by Ari Techner, Chad Techner Jeff McCoy, and Paul Friedrich. Jeff has been grinding golf clubs since High School and has an incredible talent for shaping golf clubs. Growing up, he worked on wedges for many of the top players in his area. (more…)