SwingFit is the premier club building and repair facility in the Low Country. We have all the equipment and the trained club builders to make high quality repairs with a very quick turnaround.

Standard Costs for Regripping and Repairs – installation included in all grip prices
Please call us for exact delivery time and prices for specific clubs
$8.99 – Golf Pride Tour Velvet, Golf Pride Tour Wrap, Lamkin Crossline, Winn DriTac Undersize, Winn Excel, Winn Dri Tac, Pure Pro, Pure DTX, Pure Wrap, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Putter,
$9.99 – Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize, Golf Pride Tour Wrap Midsize, Lamkin Crossline Midsize, Winn Dri Tac, Winn DriTac Lite Wrap, Pure Pro Midsize, Pure DTX Midsize, Pure Wrap Midsize
$10.99 – Lamkin Crossline Ace Midsize, Golf Pride CP2 Pro, Golf Pride CP2 Wrap, Winn Dri Tac Midsize, Winn DriTac Wrap Midsize, Ping Pistol Putter
$11.99 – Winn Dri Tac Jumbo, Golf Pride CP2 Pro Midsize, Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize
99 – Golf Pride MultiComp Std, Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Jumbo, Golf Pride CP2 Pro Jumbo, Winn Excel RF Oversize, Lamkin UTX std, Pure Putter
$13.99 – Golf Pride Z Cord, Golf Pride MultiComp +4, Lamkin Crossline Full Cord, Lamkin Paddle Putter
$14.99 – Lamkin UTX Midsize, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Full Cord, Golf Pride MultiComp +4 Midsize, Golf Pride Z Cord Midsize, Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Midsize
$16.99 – Bocciere Secret Grip, Iomic Sticky, Winn Jumbo Pistol Putter
$19.99 – Iomic Putters
$24.99 – SuperStroke Square, SuperStroke Flatso Slim, SuperStroke 2.0, Golf Pride Tour SNSR
$26.99 – SuperStroke 3.0,
$29.99 – SuperStroke 5.0, SuperStroke Flatso 3.0
$34.99 – SuperStroke CounterCores

Common Repair Estimates – Exact Price dependent on club or Shaft
Adjust Lie – Single Club $6, Adjust Lie – Set $40, Reglue Head/Fix loose ferrule $20, Reshaft Iron – Steel $40-$65, Reshaft Iron – Graphite $60-$80, Reshaft Wood – $100 – $450, Hotmelt if Driver/Fairway/Hybrid – $30

Something else? Please call, we can probably do it.